Sunday, 10 August 2008

Broken Child ...

Oil on canvas

A news report of the tragic hijacking and shooting of a pregnant mother drove Lorraine to paint this. Both the mother and baby survived, but the inPublish Postjury to the unborn baby meant that she was born a paraplegic.

20th Century Celebrity Collages


Collage and oils on board

As full as Edith Piaf's life - images jump out from every inch of the canvas.
One of a series of three collages based on 20th century performing artists


Collage on board

The artist's interpretation of aspects of Marylin Monroe and her life.


Collage on board.

The artist's view of Charlie Chaplin and his era.

My Lost City - an African Dream

Pastel on paper

From a drawing of an artists' model, the image contains a variety of African images. The feelings of the painting evoked memories of the song - My African Dream

An exhibition by Lorraine Marcus

An exhibition by Lorraine Marcus
Dasktari Art Gallery

Exhibition - Dasktari

Exhibition - Dasktari



In the News

In the News
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